Why Married Women Cheat on Their Partners

When it comes to topics like infidelity, it’s a common belief that men cheat more than women. But you’d be surprised to find out that that’s not really the case. Although many people think men are disloyal jerks and women are faithful types, that’s just another sexist misconception, just like the old-fashioned belief that women are meant to just stay at home instead of earning their own living. Women also have desires and urges, and this makes them just as capable as men of committing infidelity against their husbands or partners. 

Why Married Women Cheat on Their Spouses

The following are some of the reasons why married women cheat:

1. They don’t feel like they’re appreciated by their partner.

Some women might feel like they’re being neglected by their husbands, and for this reason, they look to other people to find the affection or recognition they’re craving. If someone outside of the relationship makes them feel validated, they’re likely to form an emotional connection to that person. That connection can lead them to form an extramarital relationship. 

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2. They feel a lack of intimacy in the relationship.

Intimacy is an important part of a relationship. This can come in the form of emotional and physical intimacy. When they feel as if there isn’t enough connection in the relationship, they may begin to look for it elsewhere or in the arms of another person who’s more willing to give it to them.

3. They become overwhelmed by the pressures of the relationship.

There are women who become so burdened by the demands of the marriage and the pressures of being a mother and wife that they might be tempted to cheat as a way of fulfilling their own needs. Having extramarital sex is a way for them to disregard the needs of other people for a while and look after their own.

4. They become lonely.

Even when she’s in a relationship, a woman can become lonely for all sorts of reasons. The primary reason is that they have needs and expectations that their partner isn’t meeting. When they feel that they aren’t being provided for in terms of their physical and emotional needs, they begin to look for people who are much more willing to give them what they need.

5. They are reenacting early trauma or abuse that they’ve experienced.


There are some people among us who might not have had the most idyllic of childhoods. Some women who have experienced any form of abuse or trauma in their early lives are bound to reenact that situation as a coping mechanism.

6. They’re simply unsatisfied with the sexual performance of their partner.

Sometimes it all comes down to one thing: sex. There is often this misconception in society that men are the only sexual creatures, but that’s not true. Women can also seek and enjoy sexual pleasure, and if they’re not satisfied with the quality of the “food” they’re getting served at home, they might begin “eating out,” if you know what we mean. 

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