Ways to Prevent Cheating in Relationships

Cheating is the ultimate dealbreaker in any relationship. Giving in to temptations means you are ready to lose everything and leave your significant other and the time you spent together behind. And the effects of cheating are no joke. Most of the time, it leads to divorce, which means a broken family for your kids. And it does not end there.

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There will be a whole lot of changes in how you view things, how you feel about other people, and how you live your life in general. You will start to doubt everything and everyone. Trust for you is the hardest to earn yet the easiest to lose. Your self-esteem will hit rock bottom. You will think it’s because you are not good enough that your partner left you. You think you are not beautiful enough or smart enough. Things will change.

This is why for many, cheating is an ultimate no-no. But how does a couple prevent cheating in a relationship? Is shying away from temptations enough? Let’s find out.

How Does One Prevent Cheating?

1.  Have agreements.

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Have explicit agreements, says Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love, who is also a clinician, researcher, and teacher. Anything that is assumed or unspoken of does not really exist, adds Dr. Tatkin. So it is important to set rules and come up with agreements between you two. Others find relationship agreements weird, but it is crucial to turn relationship rules that are not talked about into something written and agreed upon by both parties.

If possible, talk about what constitutes cheating as well. You might not be on the same page on this, so it pays to lay it all on the table beforehand. You might think hanging out with friends and talking to some random person at the club and even having innocent kisses are all okay, but your partner thinks otherwise. So talk about what you think is out of bounds and what’s not, so each of you can avoid cheating altogether.

2. Avoid relationship talks with opposite sex.

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If your partner thinks talking to some random perrson from the opposite sex at the club is not okay, then don’t do it. Besides, this is how emotional affairs start, which is, by the way, worse than physical affairs. Anybody who is a potential alternative to your spouse shouldn’t be talking about your relationship, not with you. Avoid this especially if you are having issues with your partner and you just want to complain about how things are between the two of you. If you really need to talk about it, turn to a friend of the relationship, not just anyone.

3. Stay away from old flames.


Old flames are the most dangerous individuals for a relationship. When your eyes meet, you do not see the problem that brought you apart, but the sweet memories that brought you together. When you look into each other’s eyes, you don’t see the person’s mistakes and the hurt they caused you but the happiness that they brought you. And there comes a point where you want to relive the past, forgetting the present. So if you don’t want this to even become an issue, avoid talking or getting involved in any manner with a former lover. 

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