Ways to Handle Conflicts in a Relationship

In any relationship, romantic or not, fights ensue. Sometimes it’s about the most serious matter, others over the most trivial things like which ice cream flavor tastes better. People would say arguments are a sign of an unhealthy relationship, but the truth of the matter is, these little fights prove that you care about what your partner thinks and how they feel.

Disagreements in a relationship are normal. The way couples handle conflicts in a relationship is what makes the difference. You can’t always be on the same page, but it’s how you try to settle that conflict and get to the next chapter together that matters. Yelling at each other won’t help, nor does walking out and pretending nothing’s wrong.

There are better ways to handle conflicts in a relationship. Here are some.

Healthy Ways to Handle Conflicts in a Relationship

Below are some of the healthiest ways to handle conflicts in a relationship and some of the most important things couples should keep in mind so after every conflict, they can come out on the other side stronger and better without losing a piece of themselves and each other.

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1. Don’t run from it

Never run from the fight. There are better ways to solve the issue than walking away from it as if there never were a problem in the first place. There are a lot of reasons couples argue, but no matter what it is, even if you feel like it’s a conflict impossible to resolve, you have to sit down and talk the problem through with your partner.

2. Stay calm

Nothing ever gets fixed if you both let your anger reign. Try to calm down before you invite your partner to a deep talk and remain so as you go about the issue at hand. There are a lot of ways to keep your cool. The most important, pause and breathe. Take deep breaths until all areas of stress in your body are relaxed.

Our anger makes us do a lot of things and leads us to the most unwanted of all consequences, one of the most common is ruin the relationships we tried hard to build and maintain. Failing to properly communicate is even one of the most common reasons people get divorced. If you don’t want that to happen to you and your significant other, remain calm when arguments arise.

3. Listen to your partner

Your mouth is not the organ that can resolve conflicts; it’s your ears that do the real wonders. One of the best ways to handle conflicts in a relationship is to listen to your partner as they tell their side of the story. Give them all the attention they deserve every time they speak. Most importantly, learn to listen without bias. For a second, forget about your own opinion on the matter as they voice out theirs. Acknowledge the points they made. This is so you can understand where they are coming from and perhaps see things from your partner’s eyes.

4. Get to the root of the problem

Find out what the issue really is. You will never be able to solve a problem if you don’t even know how it came to be. If your partner is upset, know why. Or maybe there’s a whole bigger issue than what you can only see. Take this as an opportunity to reassess things and clear things up before the situation gets worse.

5. Make up

Once everything’s settled, try to do something special. You can cuddle or watch a feel-good movie together or talk about happy things. You can make a reservation at a restaurant and have an intimate candlelit dinner, or better, bring out your inner chef and prepare a good meal for your loved one. Find ways to end the argument on a happy note.

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