Illicit Encounters Reveals the 5 Most Common Ways Cheaters Get Caught

Affairs eventually get caught, as there are no secrets that remain hidden. Sooner or later, you’ll find out from a concerned friend or through a reckless social media post about your cheating partner that you were put on the blind spot all this time. And believe it or not, your partner might just leave clues for you to figure out.

That’s because the guilt caused by an affair often becomes overwhelming. Cheating partners can’t bring themselves to be upfront and honest. Instead, they “passive-aggressively try to get caught,” says Tammy Nelson, a sex and relationship therapist.

This unusual discovery is also evident in a recent survey, where participants revealed the most common ways cheaters get caught, including text messages and emails. And sometimes, it’s not even because they are careless; they simply couldn’t handle the pressure of keeping the fling hidden, so “they leave their computer open; they leave their phone out” so their partners can unravel the truth themselves.

Common Ways Cheaters Get Caught by their Spouses, a UK-based online dating website for married people, surveyed 1,000 of its users. Through it they found out that the most common ways cheaters get caught are the following:

1. Text Messages, 39%

People often confiscate their spouses’ phones, which are rarely without a trace of unfaithfulness. Most of the time, reading through the text messages is all they need to prove that their partners are, without a doubt, serial cheaters. So if you are suspecting your partner, better check the inbox for any signs of cheating.

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2. Emails, 22%

Most cheaters think emails are out of date, so they remain lax and don’t bother deleting flirty feed of messages. But that’s where they are wrong! The cheated-on partners still check them, making it one of the very common ways cheaters get caught. Other times, cheaters also purposely leave their computers open for their partners to pry on.

3. False whereabouts, 20%

Infidelity consists of a series of alibis, which becomes incoherent when too many lies have been told. Approximately 20 percent of serial cheaters get caught because of slips or loose statements about their whereabouts and the people they were with.

4. Caught in the act, 14%

According to the study, 14 percent of the time, cheaters get caught in the act, romantically smooching or love-making with their other lover. In a few instances, infidel partners are displaying their love affair outright, as if they wanted the world—and their partners—to know.

5. Concerned friend, 5%

Spouses are sometimes informed by their partners’ friend, which is the best and worst way to catch a cheater. It’s good to know that those friends are morally incorruptible, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow to be the last person to learn about the affair.

No matter how common the ways cheaters get caught, they all hurt the same. Regardless of how you learned about the affair, nothing will ever make it less bad or worse than it already is.

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