Toxic Relationship: The Signs, Effects, and Actions Needed

Relationships are constantly tested, that’s why they’re not for people who easily give up. Rough patches are inevitable, fights are normal, and misunderstandings are part of the course.

True as they may be, these maxims shouldn’t distract you from real romantic problems with your partner. Don’t justify every fight as another bad day in your married life; maybe it’s time to be wary of signs that your love may have become—or has always been—toxic.

As you read through this, assess if you and your partner are in a toxic relationship.

The Danger Signs of a Toxic Relationship and What You Can Do About It

Toxic relationships breed “more dissatisfaction than happiness,” says Dr. Lillian Glass, the author of best-selling book Toxic People. Most of the time, a member becomes callous, while the other suffers all the pain by trying to sustain the partnership.

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However, you shouldn’t leave without even trying to sort out the mess. You might just be able to live with it and put up with your partner’s attitude. But if you can’t, Dr. Glass has one piece of advice: “You’ve got to get out of it!”

But if you’re still unsure, these signs of a toxic relationship will help you determine if you’re in one. Through this, you’ll also learn how to fix it.

1. Your partner abuses you.

One of the most obvious signs of a toxic relationship is the presence of abuse, whether it’s physical or emotional. Remember this: you don’t have to put yourself in that position! An abusive relationship is not worth saving unless your partner willingly changes and compromises.

2. Your partner is unwilling to compromise.

In a relationship, issues spur due to a couple’s reluctance to find a middle ground, which is often a sign of a dwindling closeness toward each other, as Dr. Glass shared. If this is the case for you, part of the solution is to spend more meaningful moments with your spouse and try to increase intimacy in your relationship.

3. You cannot talk to your partner.

Sharing your thoughts to your significant other leaves you vulnerable to criticisms, but it’s critical for every relationship. Otherwise, you’ll only nurture a disconnected romance, which is very common in a toxic relationship. You ought to voice out your concerns; but keeping quiet just to avoid unnecessary judgments will not be very helpful.

4. You are persistently unhappy.

If your bond stops bringing you happiness, that’s one of the warning signs you are in a toxic relationship. Your partner constantly makes you feel anxious, sad, jealous, and envious of lovely couples. This negativity will soon affect your mental health, which may lead to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

5. Your partner disrespects you.

Disrespectful relationships won’t be open to individual success, promotion, or development. Instead, your partner might just insult you and discredit your efforts. As a result, you’ll end up paranoid for constantly being on the defense to dodge attacks, even when they haven’t happened yet.

These danger signs of a toxic relationship also apply to you. Hence, it is important to assess yourself before you even point fingers at your spouse for destroying your marriage or relationship.

But if you’re confident that your partner’s at fault, then you only have two choice—either live with it or leave!

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