Telling Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook

Infidelity comes in many forms, especially in this day and age when people have many avenues through which they can communicate to, socialize with, and meet new people. Nowadays, you needn’t have a physical affair to be considered a cheater; even a mainly emotional relationship carried out on a social networking site like Facebook can already be considered cheating. Digital flirtation even without the terms of a physical or sexual relationship is already a betrayal of your partner’s trust. You know for sure that you are loyal. But how about your partner?

If you are reading this article because you’re having suspicions about your partner’s fidelity, here are some of the telling signs that your partner might be cheating on you on Facebook.

Signs Your Parner Is Facebook Cheating


1. You find them often daydreaming or lost in thought, especially when they’re texting or on their phone. And if you ask them about their interactions, they’ll just give you vague answers or evade your questions. While you don’t have to be in on everything that happens to them and you should both have your space and privacy even as a couple, there’s a limit to those rights. And that is when their digital conversations are starting to take a toll on your relationship and your quality time as a couple is beginning to be affected. Be aware of the period when you noticed them beginning to lose interest in spending time with you.

2. They get messages at ungodly hours of the night. While social media and smartphone usage has made it easier for people to get into contact with other people, you should start to worry if your partner regularly gets messages at late hours of the night or at a time when you’re supposed to be preparing for bed.


3. You always see them on their phone. When was the last time you saw them without their phone? Probably a very long time, right? You should be even more concerned if you see them suddenly putting their phone away upon seeing you. It’s like they’re hiding something from you that they don’t want you to see. Likewise, if they are very possessive of their phone or computer and don’t allow you to borrow it at all, that in and of itself is very questionable too.

4. You see many unfamiliar people commenting on their Facebook, and worse, they seem to share a lot of inside jokes, many of which you don’t get at all. While this is normal, what’s not normal is if you see one particular person whom you don’t know who’s all over their posts. For instance, that person might be a serial liker of your partner’s posts. That alone should catch your interest.


5. They get defensive a lot, even to your most innocent questions and statements. And when you try to confront them about their questionable behavior, they get irked and try to switch the blame on you. Their being so wound up is a sign that they have something that they want desperately to protect. 


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