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Ways to Prevent Cheating in Relationships

Cheating is the ultimate dealbreaker in any relationship. Giving in to temptations means you are ready to lose everything and leave your significant other and the time you spent together behind. And the effects of cheating are no …


Reasons People Cheat Online

Cybercheating has become more rampant than we wish it was. With the rise of various platforms that are designed for people to communicate comes the increase in the number of options for people to cheat. While what constitutes …


How to Catch Someone Who Is Having a Cyber Affair

Infidelity has long been the bane of many romantic relationships and marriages. Too many relationships have broken down simply because one of the partners—-or even both of them—were unfaithful to the other. In more traditional times, one of …


Can Chatting Be Considered Cheating?

Maybe this has happened to you before. You’re at home with your partner when they get up to go to the bathroom. You’ve noticed that they’ve left their phone but you don’t pay it any attention. Suddenly, their …