Affairs at Work: Signs Your Spouse Is Betraying You with a Co-Worker

If there’s one thing cheaters are good at, it’s looking for the best opportunities to be with their new lover. So it does not really come as a surprise that most of these affairs happen at the workplace. It’s the one place you would least expect your partner to do something horrible, you trust that all they do there is get a bunch of tasks done. Little do you know, they see your faith and absence as a chance to commit adultery. Statistics on infidelity even revealed that 36% of men and women admit to having an affair at work.

It’s not easy to see, but it isn’t that hard either. Sometimes, the victim just does not want to entertain the idea that their spouse could be cheating because even the thought of it hurts. But running away from the cruel truth that it could be happening is worse. You have to face it.

The first thing to do is to know the signs of a cheating spouse. You might start getting that funny feeling that something’s off the moment your spouse arrives home. But that isn’t enough, there are other surefire signs your spouse is having an affair at work that you have to be looking out for. Let’s talk about some of them.

 5 Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Affair at Work

Below are more warning signs your spouse is having an affair at work, you just don’t have the least bit of idea about it.

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1. Changes in the working hours

It could be a change in schedule or spending more hours at work. Whatever pattern changes you see, that could be a sign that he’s trying to adjust his hours to accommodate something—or someone. Of course, that isn’t a sure sign that they’re with someone else, it’s possible that their workload increased and there are deadlines they have to meet. Still, it’s worth digging into. Analyze things, think about their past working pattern and compare. It pays to ask them about it, and if they refuse to disclose the real reason behind the change, the more you have to take a closer look at the situation.

2. Frequent business travels

Of course, it’s not right to leap to conclusions. Not all those who frequently travel for business are cheaters; some of them are just really hardworking. If your spouse does the same, it’s better to ask them what the trips are about. If they’re not afraid to tell you, then it’s all good.

But if the whole time they were out of town, they rarely contact you, making excuses all the time like their phone’s dead, and they refuse to give you the contact information of the hotel they’re staying at, then maybe there’s something you should be worried about. These trips are a good opportunity for them to have a good time away from the prying eyes of people they know, there’s no reason for them not to grab it.

3. There’s more secrecy

Sudden phone password change, going outside to answer a call, and spending longer chatting with a colleague they refuse to talk to you about are just some of the signs that your spouse is having an affair at work. If it’s a matter they feel the need to hide, then it’s something they know would upset you or could ruin what you have.

4. Change in appearance

Is your wife paying more attention to her appearance than usual? Or does your husband suddenly feel the need to suit up when he usually settles for a simple polo shirt? Unless your husband or wife has an important event to attend to every day that they need to take their work outfit up a notch, them dressing up can be one of the signs your spouse is having an affair at work, that there might be someone they’re trying to impress.

5. Marital unhappiness

Are things not going between you? Have you been arguing? This is less of a sign but more of a reason for them to stray. If things at home don’t make them happy, they look for an escape. Just that, most of the time, the escape they want is in the form of another person.

Every marriage walks through rough patches. No relationship is as smooth-sailing as people dream it to be. As much as you just want to walk out of the door and out of that marriage, you can’t easily do that. Confronting a cheating spouse is easier said than done but there are tips that you should remember so the conversation can go effectively as possible. Talk to them but don’t start the conversation with an accusation. Choose your words carefully and be respectful. At this point, that’s the least you could do for each other.

Learn the reasons why married people cheat so you can address marital issues before it leads to infidelity.

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