Telltale Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Relationships are hard to maintain. There’s trust that you have to promise you will never bend. There’s commitment that you have to vow you will always keep. But then again, there’s also the fact that there are temptations that are hard not to give in to. And both sides are aware of them. So for the other half of the pair, with the hope that the relationship will last longer than it’s doomed to, there’s always that fear that your partner could be cheating.


But sometimes, instincts aren’t enough. Jumping to conclusions just because of a gut feeling may not be a good thing to do. Signs. You have to look for signs that your partner could actually be cheating behind your back. Only then will it be a little safer for you to conclude that there’s something you need to worry about. But the thing about signs is that they are often not that obvious that we fail to look through them, making it harder for us to see the truth.

But worry not. If you are not familiar with them, we prepared a list of telltale signs that your partner could be cheating that are often overlooked.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating That You Might Have Overlooked

1. There’s a change in their phone habits.


Does your partner often leave their phone sitting idly anywhere but suddenly they’re holding it all the time as if their life depends on it? Are they suddenly changing their phone password so you can’t open it when they’re not around? Or do they stare at their phone more often than they used to? These are only some of the subtle signs that your partner could be hiding something from you that could potentially break your relationship. And what else could it be but a new lover.

2. They’re dressing up.


Dressing up does not automatically mean they’re cheating, Who knows, they’re actually off to some important event. But if they do it too often and they pay more attention to how they look when they don’t usually do it, then that’s when you have to think about what this whole change is for. And if you ask them about it and they can’t give you a straight answer, then it may actually be a problem than just a way for them to feel better about themselves. Because if it were the latter, they’ll tell you about it, won’t they?

3. They refuse to tell you how their day went.


Talking about how each of your day was is one of the intimate things couples do. But if your partner refuses to tell you how theirs went, or when they do, they leave out important details, then that could be an issue. This is because they are doing it with their new lover; talking, that is, so they tend to tell you only bits.. According to family therapist and author Lesli Doares, “When they already have someone to share this with, they might not even be aware they are no longer sharing with you.”

4. They’re suddenly giving you more gifts.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking them being suddenly generous is a good thing because sometimes, this could mean the worst thing you could ever imagine. This is them trying to mask the fact that they’re into someone else, so they are trying to make you feel important and cared and loved all of a sudden. With them giving you gifts more often, they are making you think that whatever it is you fear they would do, they will never do it. Cheaters are just so good at this.

5. They always know where you are and where you will be.


They know your schedule to a T. You might think that of course, lovers know each other’s schedule and that it’s normal. You could be right. But this could also mean they’re making sure you’re not where they’re meeting their new fling. You’re not outside when they’re meeting their lover at a cafe nearby or that you’re not in the house when they’re trying to take them home. And if they keep asking you about where you will be, maybe it’s time you start asking them what they should know it for.

If you notice any of these signs, you should start reassessing your relationship before it reaches to a point where all that is left to do is cry yourself to sleep over something you could’ve gotten out of sooner.


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