8 Warning Signs Your Partner Is a Serial Cheater

The only good thing about cheating is that you don’t need to experience it to know how much it hurts. Stories of broken hearts and severed ties are enough representation of the pain it causes. Nobody will ever try to justify the act of cheating because everybody knows it is selfishness and abomination in the most extreme form.

But people will also tell you, love is a lot stronger than any feeling. It heals wounds of the past and rekindles weakened bond. Thanks to love, many families are still happily living together, even after the ups and downs they have to go through. Love was, and still is, the protector of every home.

However, there are times when love can be so blinding that it refuses to see the truth. It neglects the bad and only accepts the good. Love becomes very dangerous when you can’t even see what you need to see, like the truth that you are probably dating someone who’s been unfaithful for the most part of their life.

Signs Your Partner Is a Serial Cheater to Look Out For

Forgiving your partner after you find out they’ve been cheating on you is okay. You don’t want to lose this, so you give it another shot. After all, some people deserve a second chance. But if it happens more than twice, is it still worth resurrecting the relationship?

The thing about serial killers, though, is that they are hard to spot. So most of the time, we end up dealing with a storm we didn’t see coming. But determining whether you’re dating a chronic cheater is easier than we think. Here are some of the signs your partner is a serial cheater.

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1. They are friends with cheaters

It’s wrong to judge someone by the kind of people they hang out with, but you know, the proverb “birds with the same feather flock together” isn’t entirely false. Your partner may not look like the type to stray, but spending time with friends who tolerate infidelity and seemingly despise monogamy can influence their habits. These friends are very loyal too, so loyal they will even help your cheating partner cover the affair, hide evidence of the night-out you never knew about, and will even befriend the person your partner cheated on you with.

Being friends with cheaters and being too familiar with their ways will make your partner believe that cheating is okay so long as you aren’t caught.

2. They are not ready to introduce you to their family

Disregard the formal introduction to their peers, it isn’t that important. But if you tell them you want to meet their family but they refuse, then something’s off.

Their unwillingness to introduce you to the most important people in their life is one of the signs your partner is a serial cheater. It shows that they are not as ready to commit to a serious relationship as you thought they were. Or it could be that they brought someone home only recently. The only sad part is, that someone isn’t you.

3. They are almost always unavailable and create vague excuses

Let’s say they were supposed to come over, but you’ve already done your grocery shopping, sat through a whole season of Game of Thrones, and finished a bucket full of ice cream, but still, they were nowhere to be found and you’re left to spend the Friday night alone. It’s understandable if they actually had a more important matter to take care of, but if everything your partner could tell you are a bunch of vague and unimportant excuses for ditching you, it’s possible that the reason they’re canceling dates is because they had a different date to attend. Time is something you should be given without you having to beg or wait for it.

And if your partner’s too good at making excuses, it’s likely that they’ve done this a lot of times already. Being too good a liar could be one of the signs your partner is a serial cheater.

4. They are too protective over their phone

If your partner’s on their phone 24/7 and shoos you away when you try to take it, something’s not right. It’s true, privacy is still very much important, whether you’re married or not. Tying the knot shouldn’t mean revealing all of you. But if they are too protective over their phone that if they could seal it in a vault, they would, then it’s because there’s something they can’t have you see. For serial cheaters, there are a lot of things they just can’t let go, and the hobby of texting someone you met at the club last night or at last week’s party even when you are very much taken is one of them.

5. They constantly lie

For some, white lies are okay. People often recolor the truth so things would look, sound, and feel better. But how are you two going to create a transparent and honest atmosphere when the only pieces of truth you can share are the ones that are good? Lying about a previous affair, the people you were with last night, or anything that concerns your relationship should be out in the open. Constantly concealing these is one of the signs your partner is a serial cheater. Who knows, they’re lying about you being the only one too.

Honesty is a way of showing respect and loyalty to your partner, and it helps the relationship grow even stronger. But if your significant other always lies about their whereabouts or the people they spend weekend nights with, it’s time to ask some questions. Remember, a serial cheater breeds on dishonesty.

6. They shower you with gifts

A serial cheater will shower you with gifts—lovely clothes, expensive watches, designer bags, and more—to compensate for the act of cheating. It’s the only thing they can do to ease the guilt they’re feeling. Since they can’t give the other person up, they’d rather empty their wallet and buy you gifts to fool you into believing you’re the luckiest person in the world for being with someone so loving.

7. They see you late or at the most inconvenient time

There’s no acceptable explanation as to why your partner can only take you out for a beer at night or meet you only during their mid-afternoon fifteen-minute break. If the times your significant other has taken you out have always been unusual, this can be another one of the signs your partner is a serial cheater. Because you know, finding time to meet you is hard if they have a number of other lovers to see on the same day.

Now that you’ve seen all the signs and are sure enough that you are actually dating a chronic cheater, what you have to deal with next is having to decide whether to leave or stay. It’s okay to forgive, give the relationship another shot. But the thing is, old habits die hard, and serial killers have a lot of those habits.

You can’t let yourself go through the same ordeal over and over again, hopelessly waiting they change. It’s possible, but when will that happen? So learn to give your forgiveness card an expiration date. You owe it to yourself to find someone who will love you just as much and as honestly as you love them.

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