3 Red Flags Your Partner Could Be Cheating Behind Your Back

Cheaters are good at covering their tracks, as if they took classes where they learn some shenanigans on how to cheat without ever getting caught. Sadly, though, these tricks remain unknown to the one cheated on.

The signs are there, but sometimes, the victim is too scared to look closer. If your partner’s cheating, just right when you get that funny feeling that they might be, they seek ways to get closer to you to get those thoughts off your mind, they talk a lot, they become more affectionate. Brilliant, isn’t it?

But these are not the only signals you need to be aware of. Here are other signs your partner could be cheating behind your back.

Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Partner Could Be Cheating

1. They Try To Be More Affectionate

They try to be more affectionate, like they ask for more sexy time or they want to go on dates more often. You might think this is because they’re trying to show you how much they love you, but truth is, it could be the opposite.

Most of the time, this behavior is driven by guilt. Being more sexual and romantic is their way of making it up for being unfaithful.

2. They Adopt New Hobbies

Another one of the less noticeable signs your partner could be cheating is they adopt new hobbies, most of which, though, do not include you. They try new things all of a sudden and do stuff outside their daily routine for no apparent reason.

One good example is the sudden interest in working out, like out of the blue, they got themselves a gym subscription. While you cannot immediately assume that this is because they’re cheating, it’s a common red flag, and tracking their whereabouts becomes difficult.

3. They Just Stop Talking About Your Future Together.

They also hate talking about commitments. If they used to be excited to plan a life with you, talking about the number of kids they wanted or the size of the house they want to buy, but now avoids making long-term plans and even talks about being scared of marriage and parenthood commitments, they’re hiding something.

Physical pieces of evidence are easy to spot, lipstick smudge on the shirt or an unknown scent on their suit, and cheaters know that. So one has to learn to observe their partner’s behaviors instead. It could be emotionally draining, but it’s better to face the cruel thing that is infidelity than to let yourself be helplessly victimized forever.