Unmistakable Signs Your Girlfriend Is Seeing Someone Else

If you’re starting to have that gut feeling that you’re being cheated on, you better pay attention to it. It may not always be right, it’s possible that there’s really nothing you should be worried about; but what we’re talking about here is a relationship you invested a lot in and sacrificed so much for, so it pays to listen to your gut and find out if there’s something going on that you don’t know about. Look for the signs.

Classic Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

You don’t have to hire a private investigator to know if your girlfriend is indeed cheating. You can do the investigation yourself, you just have to know what to look out for. Here are some of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. She always asks about your whereabouts

Have her text messages gone from morning greetings, which she always closed with a virtual kiss, to where-are-yous and what-are-you-up-tos? Well, it could be that she just really wants to know where you are at all times, but it could also be she wants to make sure you are not near where she’s at with her new lover. When it comes to cheating, there’s only one rule to follow—never get caught.

2. She brings up relationship problems

She starts to talk about some relationship issues in the middle of your conversation and starts pointing the finger at you. She brings up your failures and makes a point that she isn’t happy anymore. It’s as if she’s totally adopted a new personality.


This is somehow tricky, though, as she could be doing it to make you realize that something’s bent and has to be mended. But this could also be her taking the first few steps to breaking up, as if she’s trying to tell you that if one day, she does end it all, she has a good enough reason why she has to.

3. She’s had a big makeover

Physical change is also one of the warning signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. During your first few dates, you’ve probably wanted to look your best. You don’t want her to think you don’t pay attention to your looks, and that’s normal. But months into the relationship, the need to impress fades. You know her too well already and love everything about her, and she feels the same, so even if you show up at her house in PJs, you know she won’t mind.

But if suddenly, she has her whole closet restocked and refuses to go out without her makeup done, you should be alarmed. If she has always been this way, though, then it’s all good; but if that’s not how it is, then maybe your intuition was right from the beginning. You should know better.


Investing love and trust in someone takes courage and you don’t want all that to go down the drain. So if you get that feeling that she might be cheating on you, just take the time to look into it closer. If you find holes in the relationship, trying to cover them with your own hands won’t work. You have to know what caused it and how it can be fixed without you sacrificing your dignity and just giving in. You can talk to her, but remember to do it with respect.