Signs You Have an Unfaithful Boyfriend You Might Have Overlooked

Just when you thought you’ve found the one, the wrath of infidelity starts to ruin the image of a future with that person you’ve always wanted.


When you enter into a relationship, you always hope it lasts for as long as life allows. Breakup isn’t something you’d want to suffer through. But it can’t be helped, time comes when he begins acting differently and you start having this funny feeling that he might be cheating.


At this point, the only thing you really want to do is confirm or disprove your own suspicions. You can strap him to a lie detector test, but if you can’t go with that option, there are signs you can look out for to know if your boyfriend is seeing someone else

Signs You Have a Cheating Boyfriend

If you can’t ask them, observe them. Here are three signs you have a cheating boyfriend you should never overlook.

1. He uses his phone more often

You’re telling him how your day went only to be met with “What was that again?” all because he was staring at his phone the entire time. Or he takes it with him every time he goes to the toilet or to grab a glass of water. Or there are calls and texts he intentionally ignores when you’re around. If he’s always been like this, then all is well; but if that’s not the case, your suspicions might just be right.

A new need for more privacy is a common sign your boyfriend is cheating on you. You two are in a relationship where mutual trust should be present, but if he can’t even leave his phone with you for like two minutes and he freaks out every time you attempt to pick it up, there’s something fishy going on there.

2. He won’t let you meet his friends or family

If he’s been denying you that meet-the-parents moment even when you’ve been together for almost a year, there could be an acceptable reason behind it. Maybe there’s a problem at home he’s not ready to open up about. But if you’re quite sure enough that this isn’t the case yet he still won’t allow you to pay your parents a visit and even threatens to break up with you if you insist, he might be hiding something.


Or he’s hiding you.


It’s possible that he has introduced another person to them and your appearance will only ruin things. And if he does not let you meet his friends either, then maybe they’ve been introduced to another partner too.

3. He avoids intimacy

One of the classic signs you have a cheating boyfriend is that he becomes less intimate. One day you just realize that your once happy and intimate relationship has become bland and unexciting, and it seems like he’s keeping his distance from you.

If he avoids doing intimate gestures with you or he always seems disinterested and distracted when you try to get physically closer, then you should be concerned. Because possibility is, he’s enjoyed enough of those lovey-dovey moments with his new lover.