Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating on You

It starts off as just a little nagging worry in your head. You think to yourself that it might be nothing. But that worry starts getting stronger and more persistent. Before long, you’re confronted by the very real problem that your wife might be cheating on you. If only you had paid more attention to your gut feelings, right?

But you don’t want to wait until that happens. You can stop an affair before it becomes a full-blown extramarital relationship by checking for the early signs your wife is cheating. Or you can use those signs to confront her about your suspicions, like you’ve always been meaning to do.

Possible Signs Your Wife Is Cheating on You

1. You’ve observed a sudden change in the way she treats you. For instance, if she used to be affectionate but then she starts being cold and distant, that’s a serious warning sign. It’s the same thing if she stops communicating all her concerns to you.

2. When she starts showing an interest in dressing better, especially if she’s going out without you, that’s also a sign. If she starts going to the gym and being interested in losing weight when she didn’t use to before, it could also be a sign that she wants to look good for somebody else.

3. She’s not interested in having sex anymore. If your sex life as a couple is suffering or is practically nonexistent, then it might be time to worry that she’s showing that interest to another person. This applies even when she still has sex with you but you feel like she’s just going through the motions. This would also mean that she’s no longer physically attracted to you.

4. Another one of the signs your wife is cheating on you is if she starts becoming hostile to you for no reason at all or if she starts picking fights with you. This could mean that the mere sight of you or your simple presence is annoying to her. And if you openly confront her about the cheating issue and she becomes defensive or she doesn’t give you any positive reassurance, that’s also another sign.

5. You catch her lying to you, even about the smallest things, like where she was at a certain time and whom she was with. It’s also questionable if your wife seems more secretive than usual.

6. You notice her spending more money than usual or her credit card charges have suddenly skyrocketed, and it’s for expenses like clothes, makeup, eating out at restaurants, and secret holidays.

7. She’s suddenly become secretive with her phone, computer, and social media use. For instance, if you share a computer, she suddenly develops the habit of logging in and off her accounts and clearing her browser history. You also catch her constantly on her phone, but yet she hardly makes any public posts on her social media accounts.

If you suspect your wife of cheating, these are the signs that you can check. However, there’s nothing like being 100 percent sure in a situation like this. You might want to hire a private investigator or set a tracker on her if you want to be certain.

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