Female Infidelity: 4 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Infidelity statistics have it that more men cheat than women. A 2017 survey on infidelity revealed that 22 percent of the male respondents have cheated on their partner, while only 14 percent of the women admitted to being unfaithful. But there’s not much difference, really; if anything, it only proves one thing true: women cheat too.

In most cases, the woman is always perceived as the half who’s afraid to make any mistake that may ruin the relationship. What we often forget is that human as they are, a woman is bound to give in to temptations too.

It’s worth noting, however, that just like anything else, there is a reason why a woman ended up cheating on her significant other.

4 Common Reasons Why Women Cheat

There are many reasons why women cheat. Below are four of the most common reasons they chose to stray.

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1.The need for emotional support

You talk about where to eat for dinner, what the kids have been up to, or when your in-laws plan to come over. You talk about everything that’s going on at home, but have you ever asked her how she’s doing?

You know, being there physically isn’t enough. A relationship isn’t a business where you just talk when there are decisions that need to be made. Constant communication is essential for keeping a relationship healthy and satisfying. Talking about each other’s expectations and needs or simple things like the things she did that made you upset recently does a lot.

It pays to ask your girlfriend or wife if she’s doing fine physically and emotionally. If you can’t be there for her the way she needs you to, she’ll start seeking the support she craves for from another man. More than physical infidelity, emotional cheating involves a deeper connection. When that happens, things start falling apart.

2.Sexless relationship

Women too need a little excitement. But if the sex has dropped from twice a week to once a month or even less, she’ll start looking for another way to spice things up. Relationship community Relationup CEO, Rhonda Mildrad, said, “Some women feel that they have landed in a rut and that their life has become predictable and boring. A new relationship can seem like an exciting way to get a buzz. The secretiveness, the sneaking around, the sexual passion can create a high with the release of all those feel-good hormones.”

3.Low self-esteem

One of the reasons why women cheat is because she needs something or someone to boost her ego. A woman needs to be reminded that she’s still good enough, that there’s still something about her that’s desirable. But if her partner fails to tell her that as often as he used to, she’ll look for a man that can make her feel that she’s still lovable.


No secret forever remains hidden, so when a man cheats, someday, somehow, his partner will know about it. If a woman has discovered that the man she loves is cheating behind her back, she will either spend the next few days crying herself to sleep or use it to exact revenge. For some, it’s one way to heal. Nothing good ever comes from trying to recover from the pain caused by someone else’s mistake by committing exactly the same deed, but some women rid themselves of the hurt feelings by having sex with a different man because it’s the only way she knows to forget the pain.

Cheating is the effect of a problem that you can prevent. If you notice that something’s off or see some signs your wife might be cheating, it’s better to act on it right away instead of waiting for her to open up about it. Always remember, communication is important.

Dealing with cheating and infidelity is not easy but it needs to be confronted one way or another.

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