Reasons People Cheat Online

Cybercheating has become more rampant than we wish it was. With the rise of various platforms that are designed for people to communicate comes the increase in the number of options for people to cheat. While what constitutes as online cheating is still subject to debate, it can’t be denied that this form of infidelity has spread as fast as Google gives you search results.


But why exactly do people cheat online?

Here are some reasons according to experts.

Reasons Behind Online Infidelity

1. Convenience


Online affairs are very easy to initiate. Just send a message, get a reply, and start exchanging flirty messages and you have there a relationship that could be something more than just a friendship. Plus, there are a lot of online platforms you can use to meet someone online. And these platforms come free and are very easy to download. They are easy to navigate too, and oftentimes, they allow for private messaging so you can keep the conversations you strike online a secret. 

2. Anonymity


There’s anonymity. You can hide behind a fake profile and basically create a new persona online without the knowledge of your partner. You can use a fake photo, use a fake nickname, not reveal your real age, or even your gender. You don’t run the risk of being identified by your neighbor as you sit at a coffee shop adjacent to someone other than your partner. You can do all the dating you want without having any of the details of the relationship known to anyone.

3. Unlimited options


Again, there are a lot of options for those who want to engage in online relationships. There’s Instagram, which has direct messaging. There’s Messenger, which allows you to create a secret chat room. There’s Twitter, which has direct messaging too. There are online dating sites, countless of them, that allow you to create a fake profile and date someone without any problem. 

4. Ease of secrecy

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It is easy to hide behind a fake profile. And even moreso, it is easy to delete the traces of your online relationship. All you need to do is change your password or delete message history or delete your profile altogether. Some would even create different profiles to connect with different people, and if their partner gets suspicious, they can just every single one of them and voila, traces removed.

Secret chat rooms are also a thing nowadays, which makes online cheating even easier. These chat rooms are not easily visible and cannot be found real quick. People hide in these secret chat rooms and live a different life other than the one they have with their real-life partner.

5. Escape


Online cheaters see their Internet relationships as a form of escape from the real world. It is like this fantasy they create to get far away from the realities they face with their in-person partner. With online dating, you don’t face any issues aside from distance. With online dating, you don’t fight. It is like this picture-perfect relationship you don’t get to enjoy with your significant other.  


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