The Most Popular Smartphone Apps Used by Serial Cheaters

One day, your partner posted a photo of you on Facebook and in the caption, it says how much you mean to them. But little did you know, it’s not just you they’re thinking every time they get on Facebook. While they think of the perfect words to come with your photo, they’re flirtatiously talking to random people they see online.

Nowadays, you can never really tell who’s cheating under the cloak of social media. And it’s become easier than ever, especially with these smartphone apps used by serial cheaters that help them uncover their affair like it never happened.

5 Popular Smartphone Apps Used by Serial Cheaters

No thief would ever admit of robbing and same rules apply to cheaters, they’ll never admit what they did unless you catch them red-handed. However, just as much technology helps to improve the quality of life, it has also provided some tools to conceal every cheater’s affair through social media apps.

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The correlation between social media and infidelity is very much present. A recent research by Amber Nicole Adams, Social Networking Sites and Online Infidelity, states, “Online interaction is readily available, relatively simplistic, prominent in society, and covert in nature, which has caused online infidelity to become a growing concern.”

So if your partner has one of these apps, be cautious and suspicious so you won’t end up getting cheated on and left brokenhearted:

1. Facebook Messenger

It may be a good platform to communicate with family and friends, but you can’t deny that most cheating incidents began on Facebook. What started as a purely innocent reaction to an old friend’s post became something more, an emotional connection of unusual depth.

Messenger now has Private Message feature too, which allows two people to converse without leaving a trace on other devices, so if you use this on your phone, the messages are only accessible through your phone. As of that isn’t enough,  the feature erases all the previous messages as soon as you hit reply.

2. Instagram

Coming second is Instagram. But how does one use such a user-friendly photo- and video-sharing app to cheat?

Instagram offers Direct Messages where one user can send messages to another user. You can also send photos and videos, and once the receiving user sees them, no one can ever view it again, not even you. So you won’t really know what shady photos and videos your partner has been sending to their lover. Aside from that, it has a video calling feature and, unlike Facebook, it doesn’t keep a record of the call history.

3. Viber

Viber is one of those that look like a normal messaging app but, in the hands of a cheater, can be a sneaky one that helps affairs flourish.

This app allows you to create secret conversations that get deleted almost automatically after a certain period. This gives serial cheaters the freedom to send the most lustful messages, pictures, and videos without their partners noticing because they disappear after a few minutes anyway. Aside from that, Viber also has Hidden Chats feature, which allows you to hide chats off the main chat list. It will only reappear if you key in the correct pin.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is similar to Viber, a third-party messaging app that also looks ordinary but actually has sneaky features. But this app comes with an end-to-end encryption feature, which can be scary for couples. It locks all of your messages that even if you download the same app on another phone and input the same contact details, messages you sent and received will not be available.

That means, if your spouse ransacks your social media accounts from a different device, your affair will remain hidden.

5. Tinder

Tinder is a dating app that uses your current location to find the closest person that meets your age requirement. It’s a good app to meet your soulmate, but it doesn’t come with a warning sign for those in a relationship.

If your partner travels a lot without you, it can be a good platform to meet people who are nearby and actively looking for someone they can have some fun with. It also has a simple mechanism: swipe left if you’re not interested, swipe right if you are. If it matches, you can start an exchange, then meet up. Meeting people online is one of the many ways you are being unfaithful to your partner without you realizing it.

These five apps are not the only apps used by serial cheaters, there’s more out there. But it doesn’t automatically mean that once your partner has one of these apps, he’s cheating. Sometimes, you need to do more digging to uncover the truth if your partner is indeed cheating or not. If you’ve confirmed it, find a way to start a conversation and do so with a calm tone. Talk and think things through and figure out if your relationship is still worth saving.

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