Witty Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband in the Act

If your instinct tells you that your husband is cheating on you, you have to take that as good enough reason to investigate. Of course, you may not be right, maybe it’s just your paranoia kicking in, but there’s certainly no harm in trying to find the truth.

You can talk to him about it, but cheaters, as wise as they are, will always have a way prepared to get out of the conversation. Sometimes, they even make you look bad for entertaining the possibility of them cheating. But if you’re really convinced that he is being unfaithful, it’s better to confirm it yourself. Now the problem is . . . how?

5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

You don’t have to hire a private investigator to do this. You can go all Sherlock yourself and look for evidence. Here are some ways to catch a cheating husband you can follow.

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1. Look out for cheating signs

There are many behavior changes when a person starts to cheat; and almost always, these changes, no matter how hard they try to keep it subtle, get more noticeable over time. All you have to do is to take a closer look.

There are many behavior changes when a person starts to cheat

Are they dressing up for work now when they usually do not? Have they been going out more often, telling you it’s a long-planned night-out with friends? Do they go on business trips more than usual? Are they suddenly taking interest in working out? Your suspicions may not be always true and the conclusions you’ve drawn in your mind may not always be right, but any change is worth paying attention to.

2. Pay him an unannounced visit

One of the surefire ways to catch a cheating husband is to drop by his workplace unannounced. Make sure, though, that you got a good story prepared as to why you’re there and why you couldn’t tell him beforehand.

An unannounced visit will give you an idea if he’s hiding something. You’ll know it from his reaction. If he just goes mad that you did not tell him that you were coming instead of welcoming you, then maybe there’s something there that he does not want you to see. You know, most affairs start at work, so it’s possible that what will greet you is your husband flirting with a colleague right before your own eyes.

3. Check his phone

If your husband is indeed cheating, the last thing he’d want you to do is snoop on his phone. And the reason is clear: it’s like a Pandora’s box that keeps all the despicable truth he’s hiding from you. So if you want to check their mobile devices, timing is everything. When they’re sleeping, or when they’re taking a shower makes for a good opportunity.

When you get a hold of it, check their messages and phone logs. You can check their e-mails too. Their app history might give you something as well, so make sure to look into it.

But all these might turn out impossible if he suddenly has his phone password protected, and if none of your guesses are right, your plan could fail right then and there. But the fact that he’s suddenly setting a password when he used to just leave it lying everywhere, giving you all the freedom to check it, should be enough giveaway.

4. Install hidden cameras

Now this one might sound a bit unethical, but it’s one of the best ways to catch a cheating husband. Once he sees you go out, he will think it’s safe enough to do whatever he wants to do. His alone time is the best way to chat with his new lover or even do a video-call. It’s not enough that you’re just in the other room, as he knows you can always walk into his and find out he’s doing something horrible, so it’s better to just install hidden cameras and see for yourself what he actually does when he thinks you’re not in the house.

You can also install a microphone to hear everything he says, although you have to make sure first that recording conversations aren’t illegal in your city or state. Spy pens are a common option too, so you know what he’s up to when he’s at work or anywhere else.

5. Use a spying application or software

Sometimes, checking his phone for suspicious exchanges isn’t enough, this is why people seek the help of applications that let them check their spouse’s call logs. If he does not want to get caught easily, he can always save his lover’s contact information under a different name, like “Cherry” suddenly becomes “colleague Jake.” Through these apps, you will know about every phone call he makes or receives.

Spying software is another option. One example is SpyPal. Once installed, this software records your husband’s Facebook use, emails, websites visited, documents he opened, applications used, windows opened, and more. Screenshots are taken, which you can use should you decide to confront your husband about this.

Nobody’s ever safe from getting cheated on. Now it may feel like nothing could go wrong, but life is unpredictable and so is every relationship we build. Seeing the one you love change and take less interest in you hurts, and maybe in your own attempt to keep things as they are, you keep mum. It’s understandable, the pain confrontation causes can be unbearable, but it’s better than getting lied to forever. But before you open the conversation, make sure you have something to show in case he chooses to deny everything, give cheating excuses and turn the table on you. Let these ways to catch a cheating husband help you gather the proof you need.

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