There Is a Huge Difference Between How Men and Women React to Infidelity and Here’s What It Means

Anyone can be a victim of infidelity. It’s like a virus that can strike even those who adopt the healthiest lifestyle. One small mistake and all those years together will go down the drain. You’ll realize, happily-ever-afters are too good to be true.

But not every case of infidelity has a sad ending. There are those who got cheated on who chose to give the relationship another shot. It depends on how one sees infidelity. Studies about infidelity have it that women and men react to cheating differently. And how they chose to handle the issue is what gives the story a different ending.

So how do men and women see cheating? Let’s find out.

How Men and Women React to Infidelity

Most of the time, it depends on what the cheating partner did, on the act of unfaithfulness committed. A study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology revealed that there’s a huge difference in how men and women react to infidelity. Men are riled up over acts of unfaithfulness that are more physical in nature, while women get mad over emotional affairs.

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For the guys, one-night stands are a no-no. When they find out that their wife or girlfriend is having sex with someone else, they start to lose their trust in their partner. While some will think this is solely caused by the possessive nature of men, there is actually a deeper reason behind this behavior.

Men are expected to provide for their future family. But if their woman is having sexual intercourse with a different man, he gets worried that it could result in a child; and when she gets pregnant, they start to question whether or not the baby is theirs. They have to know whether it should be them who should provide for the newborn.

Women think differently. When their man starts to get emotionally attached to another woman, that’s when they start to worry. True, physical contacts bother them too, like how a woman usually is, but it is not until their husband or boyfriend form an emotional bond with a colleague or someone they recently met that they feel the most betrayed and neglected.

Nobody else can be ever more sure whose child the baby is but the mother, but she needs to be sure that the man who impregnated her will take care of their kid. If her husband is emotionally attached to somebody outside the relationship, she can’t help but worry over the possibility that he won’t care enough to provide for them, that he may spend most of his time and resources on the other woman.

The difference in how men and women react to infidelity further proves that psychological sex differences are bigger than we think. Either way, it all boils down to how you deal with the problem. Confronting your cheating partner can be hard, so you have to be prepared. However, you want to solve it, always be prepared for the consequences and learn to get your unwanted emotions under control.

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