Here’s How Cheaters Cover Their Affair

All cheaters are the same—they’re good at two things: taking interest in somebody else other than their partner and hiding that newly formed relationship.

Not all affairs involve love, though. Alicia M. Walker‘s book The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife reveals that some women who cheat don’t really see cheating as a marriage escape. Some of them don’t even want to exit their marriage, saying they love their husbands and that their spouse is way better than their affair partner. They just have some needs that they need to get met.

Cheaters fear that the relationship they are in, destroyed, so they do everything to hide the affair from their significant other. A cheater’s mind is a treasure box of lies. They know the right excuse to make to get away with their unfaithfulness. To spot the problem earlier you should be aware of the signs of a cheating spouse.

Wonder what these excuses are? Here’s how cheaters hide an affair.

Getting Away with Infidelity: How Cheaters Hide an Affair

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From telling the biggest lies to hiding all kinds of evidence that will give them away, how cheaters hide an affair vary—but all of them are done for the same purpose: to conceal the truth.

Keeping their phone with them is one way cheaters try to hide their flings. Preventing their significant other from reading the text messages they sent to their lover an only be done by not letting them touch their phones. Some even set a password that is neither their wedding anniversary nor their partner’s birthday.

More men hide their phone, though, than women. Women tend to delete messages right after they’re sent. They memorize their lover’s contact details and won’t really mind keying it in, again and again, every time they have to send a message. Sometimes too, a cheater will just save their lover’s number under an alias that won’t raise suspicions.

Some cheating women also seek the help of their friends. Together they create a storyline so when asked about it, they have friends who can back them up or cover for them. Men, on the other hand, keep their affair a secret even from their closest colleagues.

Sometimes, how cheaters hide an affair costs them money, but they could not care less. Men who cheat even open a separate credit card account that they can use when they go out with their other woman. Some cheaters buy an apartment where they can freely have some fun with their lover.

How cheaters hide an affair differs by gender. But one thing’s for sure, cheaters have more tricks up their sleeves than a magician. And to cover their tracks, they’re not afraid to try all kinds of measures. If you don’t want to be left in the dark forever, open your eyes, be more observant. It’s better to discover an affair yourself than have a neighbor reveal it to you.

Did you know that most affairs start at work? Read on, to learn more about some surprising facts about cheating.

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