What to Do When You’ve Been Betrayed by Your Boyfriend

So he cheated on you. And now you spend most of your day staring at nowhere, debating whether to give him another chance or to just end everything right there.

Being in pain after knowing that your boyfriend has been cheating on you this whole time is normal. You invested so much in this relationship, after all. You wouldn’t really be hurt if you didn’t. When you get cheated on, sometimes, what leaves you in so much pain is not the idea that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, it’s the fact that he disrespected you, making you believe that you were the only one when the truth is every minute he’s not with you, he’s with someone else. Confronting a cheating boyfriend wouldn’t be easy but it is something you have to face and you have to decide what will happen to the relationship.

You want to end it, but you can’t. You loved him and you still do. It’s understandable for the innocent party to think leaving for good is the only sensible ending, but if you still have feelings for him and there’s still something worth holding on to, calling it quits should not be the best solution to this. Here are tips on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend the proper way.

Handling Betrayal: 3 Ways To Deal with a Cheating Boyfriend

You don’t need to cheat too just to get back at your cheating boyfriend. There are other better ways of dealing with a cheating significant other than making the same mistake yourself. The following list will help you figure out how to deal with a cheating boyfriend.

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1. Let it all out

Cry, you need it. You’ve been betrayed, and not a single person in the world won’t find that upsetting. If you feel like smashing a plate, do it. If you want to talk about how he messed up, call a friend over. Having someone to talk to is what keeps us sane, don’t deprive yourself of that.

Holding it all in won’t do you any good, so do whatever you think will help you feel better.

2. Stop blaming yourself

When we’re cheated on, we often think that we’re the one at fault. Maybe we haven’t been doing our part. Maybe we just are not good enough. We don’t want to blame our partner or their other woman, so we blame ourselves.

It may be difficult to make ourselves believe it, but it’s not our fault that our significant other’s unfaithful. Most cheaters stray because they want some validation. Or they feel incomplete and they think sleeping with people outside the relationship will help them find the missing piece. Either way, it’s not your fault. They drove themselves that way, they were the one controlling the steering wheel. You weren’t there.

3. Forgive but never forget

Now it has come down to talking about it over a hot cup of coffee. You will never get past this unless you actually discuss the things that matter.

Hear him out. Know how he actually feels, about the cheating, about you, about your future together. If you still love him and don’t want to end things, listen to every word he says. And if he finally asks for your forgiveness, make his apology count. But never forget what he did, and it’s important that you let him know that.

Take things slow. Giving time for yourself, talking to people, and reassessing your feelings for each other are some of the things you can do to ease the pain and be able to handle the problem in a more effective way.

It takes time for the wounds to heal and for things to fall back into place, but it’s worth it.

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