The Agonizing Cost of Infidelity and Betrayal

The moment you start cheating on your partner, you have to be prepared to see some of the most important things in your life end. The happiness you get from giving in to life’s temptations is a luxury that comes at a cost you might not be willing to pay but have to.

It’s a choice you make yourself, so you should know that choosing to stray marks the beginning of an end. And sometimes, it’s not just your relationship with your significant other. It happens, when we’re in the moment, we fail to see the consequences of our actions. The moment we realize we have made lame excuses to cover our behavior, it is already too late. For a day’s happiness, we refuse to think about where it will take us. But it’s never something you don’t have a control over. It’s not one of those mistakes you can’t not make. Most of the times, it’s already too late to realize that we have made so many different lame excuses to cover our mistakes.

But if you have not gotten there yet and are still caught between is-it-worth-its and I-should-nots, here’s the (big) cost of infidelity you might want to know to help you decide whether you should enter into or run from temptations.

Cost of Infidelity You Need to Know Before You Cheat on Your Partner

It’s time to take a glimpse into the consequences that come with acting on wrongful desires when you have all the freedom to walk away and save your relationship and yourself.

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1. Lost trust

It’s probably the very first thing you have to be prepared to lose in the event that your affair gets discovered. (Which makes sense, it’s the very first thing you took for granted, after all.) Your spouse will find it hard to trust you again. They will only remember the lies you’ve told, the excuses you’ve made, and the false promises you had them believe. The worst thing about it is, they will not only lose their trust in you, they will lose trust in love and everyone around them. It will be hard for them to trust someone because they think putting their faith in someone will only make you vulnerable to pain.

You will suffer too. You made a mistake you never thought you could make, so you stop trusting yourself and you’ll always have this lingering thought that if you’ve done it, people can do it to you too. You too get scared of trusting people.

2. Custody issues

Cheating is like intentionally missing out on that one chance to have a happy life with your partner. And if you are married and have kids, the more devastating the result of all this is. Majority of the cases of infidelity result in the couple going separate ways. It’s one of the main reasons for divorce. It does not matter how close to perfect your marriage has been, when you cheat, you have to be ready to sign the papers.

And along with divorce come the custody issues, which can psychologically and emotionally drain your children. It will affect their health and happiness. They are young and dependent, but if they see that their parents are behaving in a very undependable way and far from what they’re used to seeing, it will ruin them. The cost of infidelity extends beyond losing a spouse, it will mess up the perfect life you’ve worked hard to build.

3. Broken friendships

The effects of infidelity on your family are damaging enough. Unfortunately, it does not end there. It’s not just your partner’s trust that you will lose in the process, your friends’ too, so don’t be surprised if some of them will distance themselves from you. Especially those who have followed your story, who have been by your and your partner’s side from the very beginning, it’s inevitable that they’ll get hurt too. It doesn’t matter if it’s you they were closer with, they will always take the side of the one cheated on.

Some will probably stay, but don’t expect that whoever you were in their eyes before you cheated will still be there.

4. Irredeemable reputation

Nobody is pro-infidelity. No one will support your decision to stray and cheer you on as you do it. So it is only to be expected that once words about your affair spread, you will lose people’s respect and the good image you’ve worked so hard to maintain will be gone in a second. And people will probably forgive, but all of them will find it hard to forgive.

5. Declining emotional health

It will cost you your emotional health. Once you realize what you’ve done, depression and guilt will take over your life. It will eat you up until it gets too overwhelming, it becomes impossible to overcome it. It will be hard for you to reach out to anyone. So it’s not just your partner who will suffer when you cheat, you do too.

Happiness, long-term or short, comes at a price. But bliss, as euphoric as it sounds, is not always worth risking what’s really important. You lose the love of your life and everything else that makes you happy. You gotta decide, is it all worth it? Is that a price you’re willing to pay?

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