Common Reasons Why Married People Cheat

You promised to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

You vowed to love him and honor him in all days of your life.

Until death do you part.

But then one night you go out with your friends, you meet someone interesting, you let yourself give in to temptations—and all those I dos are suddenly forgotten.

Just because you’re married does not mean your relationship can never be broken. Vows are mere words spoken at the wedding and will remain such if not acted upon. The promises you tell each other are not enough guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. Married people cheat too.

In fact, Divorce Magazine reports that 40–50% of married women and 50–60% of married men cheat on their spouses. The numbers are too high that one cannot help but wonder as to why married people cheat.

5 Reasons Why Married People Cheat on Their Spouse

It’s them you wake up to, it’s them you kiss before you leave and when you return from work, and it’s them you share bountiful meals with. Even then, why does one still stray?

Cheating in marriage happens and here’s why.

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1. Falling out of love

It’s what took you there, to the altar. If the very thing that binds you to the relationship is lost, what’s there to stay for, right? You suddenly feel like that person is not the one for you, and you start to see their imperfections that you chose to ignore before. And then you start to take interest in people as easily and as fast as you did before you got married. The next thing you know, you’ve fallen in love with someone else.

2. Dissatisfying sex life

When one starts feeling unsatisfied with their sex life, they start seeking a more adventurous one even if it means sleeping in the same bed with a different person. While some learn to accept that their sex life will never be as thrilling as when they first met, what with all the responsibilities marriage ties you to, there are those who won’t settle for that excuse. They start looking for someone who can give them what they want, usually one their spouse or their friends do not know and lives far away.

Acts of unfaithfulness of this kind usually last long, as long as the cheating spouse can hide it. The guilt is there, but as long as it won’t affect the family as a whole, sleeping with another person is a habit they’re willing to stick to.

3. Feeling neglected and unappreciated

One of the top reasons why married people cheat is they feel like they’re not given enough attention. Truth be told, we’re all born attention-seekers. We don’t need to be stared at or asked if we’re okay every second, but we need to be made feel that our partner still cares about us. If you try to tell them, you can’t be sure that they’ll take into consideration what you just said; they don’t care enough, after all. At that point, not much can be done. You start looking for someone who won’t take you for granted.

4. Lack of communication

When you start your own family, you are entering a world filled with responsibilities, as the head of the family, as a parent. Gone are the times when your only problem was which restaurant you should try this time. You and your spouse have a lot of things to attend to that you just lose the time for small talks.

At first, this might not be an issue; your trust for each other is too strong, even if you don’t talk that much, you know that everything’s fine. But as time goes on, the lack of communication can carve a dent in your relationship. All of a sudden, you feel like you don’t know your spouse that much anymore. That special connection is slowly broken.

This is how most emotional affairs start. Because your husband or wife fails to give you the attention and support you need, you look for someone who will listen to every word you say, who can cheer you up, who will lend their eyes and ears when you need them.

5. The sudden want to explore and seek excitement

Another reason why married people cheat is that they just want to have fun. A “second adolescence,” as some want to call it. There’s the want to go out all the time, just have fun, and meet someone new. And those meetups may grow into something so intimate, putting the whole marriage at risk.

A failing marriage because of cheating and infidelity is much harder to deal with. And making things right requires more than just apologies. To save a marriage means finding what the real reason behind the failure is and correcting it. Things might not be the same after it, but you have time to make up for what is lost or strengthen your bond. Talk things through, it helps.

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