Common Lies Cheating Wives Tell

Infidelity in a marriage is not really something that’s just popped up in recent culture. For as long as people can remember, people have been cheating on their partners, and it’s not something that’s just limited to men either. Even though men are generally considered as the “serial cheaters,” women are just as worse in the cheating department. They’ve just been smarter about maintaining their extramarital affairs, so they’re much less likely to get caught compared to men. The following are the common lies that all cheating wives have used, at one time or another. 

Most Common Lies Cheating Wives Say

1. “He’s just a brother to me.”

They say this when you have apprehensions about a guy friend she seems to be spending a lot of time with or you notice that they are particularly too close for comfort. Now there’s a chance that she is actually just friends with the guy, but if you notice that they’re spending a lot of time together with just the two of them or they keep chatting with each other online if they’re apart, then it’s just right to be alarmed about the kind of relationship they have.

2. “I was with my friends.”

This is another excuse that she says when you ask her questions about her nights out, which keep on getting more and more frequent. If she takes too long to answer your calls and you notice that the background is much quieter than it is than if she were actually with her friends, then there’s a chance she might be with another man instead and is just using her “friends” as an excuse.

3. “I’ll be working late.”

This is another common excuse that cheating wives tell their partner. A couple of late nights each week at the office is fine; however, if she keeps on making this excuse every day to avoid having to get home early, then you might have to start worrying. This could mean she’s spending time with another man and she’s just using that “late night at the office” as a habitual excuse. 

4. “You’re the best thing ever.”

A cheater will, at times, experience guilty pangs of conscience for the betrayal that she’s committing on her lawful partner. To make up for those guilty feelings, she will suddenly shower you with extravagant praise that are completely out of the blue. If your wife is the type who often does this, then it might just be part of her personality. However, if she isn’t, then you would be well within your rights to get a bit suspicious.

5. “I need some alone time.”

Even if you’re in love with each other, all couples need some time apart to just do their own thing and engage in their own interests. That is the purpose of having “me time” or “alone time” in a relationship. However, if you’re starting to notice that your partner is starting to request “me time” more and more often at the expense of your quality time together as a couple, then that’s an indication that she might be getting sick of the relationship or might even be seeing another person. 


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