Signs You Have a Cheating Wife

Is your wife always on the phone, often taking calls that she needs to be away from anyone for? Or does she always go out telling you it’s a date with girlfriends she can’t miss? Well, maybe she’s doing more than just hanging out with her friends.


Women cheat too, and when they do, their habits change. It’s easy to spot if only you knew the signs.

Tell Tale Signs You’re Living with an Unfaithful Wife

While having dates with girlfriends more is a sure sign, there are a lot more indications that you have an unfaithful wife.

  • Going to the gym is one. This is an excuse is more commonly used by men, but women too take advantage of the fact that they are believed to be more conscious of their weight than men ever will be.

    To be fair, though, the moment your wife says she’s signed up for a gym membership, you should not suspect her immediately. She might have watched a lifestyle show and decided she needs to shed the pounds too. But it’s still worth looking into, as she might be doing it to impress her new lover.

  • An unfaithful wife also tends to make less eye contact with her husband, especially when asked about where she’s been or what she’s been up to. Your wife knows that when you look into her eyes, you will know whether she’s lying or not and that’s the last thing she wants to happen.

  • Another sign is that she goes home reeking of a smell you’re not familiar with. A different cologne, maybe? Any scent you’re certain is not hers nor yours. And if she smells of cigarettes even if she doesn’t smoke and once said she never will, then that’s probably from her new man.

  • Less desire for sex with you is one behavior an unfaithful wife shows too. It could be that she’s just tired, but it could be because she’s been getting enough with another man.

  • When you talk about another woman, praising her or telling stories about her but your wife does not show a hint of anger or jealousy when she used to give you a silent treatment over a text from a female co-worker before, you should start wondering why.

Men tend to go easy on their wife, never suspecting them to do anything bad, because women treasure marriages more. But feelings fade, and it’s possible that your wife’s have.