Infidelity in Marriage: Signs of a Cheating Spouse

You know what they always say, it’s so easy to fall in love but hard to stay in love. You say your vows, promising each other to be together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. But problems arise and everything starts falling apart.

Couples don’t always get a happy ending, and one of the most common reasons behind it is infidelity. But how exactly could one tell their partner is cheating?

Catching a cheater is difficult, especially when he or she is quite good at hiding. But if you know the signs to look out for, maybe you can save yourself from the pain of having to find out about it any other way and confront your spouse a little earlier.

Think Your Spouse Is Cheating?
Here Are Signs of Cheating You Should Be Aware Of

  • One of the signs of cheating and one that is pretty much a giveaway is the lack of intimacy. When your marriage turns sexless, you know that’s not how things should be. We know the frequency has to depend on a lot of things; maybe ever since, sex wasn’t always your priority, but if you’re having sex less than usual, then maybe your partner is meeting that particular need with someone else.

  • Another indication is that your spouse has adopted hobbies that grant them time to be alone for long hours. Well, of course, it’s not right to assume immediately the moment they get a hobby that it’s because they’re cheating. Maybe they’ve always wanted to get healthier and finally decided to pay the gym a regular visit.

    There are things that you should look into before jumping to conclusions like how they got into it. If it’s very sudden and out of the blue, then that warrants some suspicion.

    Speaking of “alone time,” some use the excuse that they have a lot to do at work that they have to work extra hours when in fact they’ve been seeing someone.

  • Another one of the common signs of cheating is more secrecy. If you think your partner has been hiding a lot of things and refuses to tell you how their day went when they usually do, then you have a reason to suspect. In a relationship, to tell your significant other every single thing you did the whole day is not necessary, but if they don’t tell you anything at all, that’s a different story.

    And when you find out they’re not only hiding but have been lying about a variety of things, the more reason to think they’re meeting someone else. Some even end up ditching important events and then reasoning out that there are deadlines to meet. While that’s not a concrete evidence, as they could just be really working harder to increase their chance of getting promoted, you have a reason to suspect and be more observant.

  • Last but definitely not the least is the physical evidence. A different scent of perfume? A lipstick smudge? Those are giveaways.