Most Common Excuses Cheating Husbands Give Their Wives

When love in marriage starts to fade and one begins to fulfill the demands the relationship can no longer meet with someone else but is not ready to admit it, lies come in handy. The thing about lies, though, is that as long as you are not blinded by empty promises, you can see through them.


When it comes to cheating husbands, they tend to give the same excuses. So if you are a wife trying to confirm your suspicions, knowing the most common excuses cheating husbands use is a good start.

Cheating Warnings: Excuses Of Unfaithful Husbands

A research of more than two thousand men revealed the top five excuses a man gives to his wife when he’s actually going out to meet his lover.

  • Playing golf is the most common one, which is not surprising, to be honest, considering how that’s a sport women trust men just naturally like. Men take advantage of that fact, so women should stop thinking spending significant time on golf is just because they love the sport so much because honestly, it could be because they already love someone else.

  • Speaking of longer time out, most men also use business meetings and some unexpected tasks at work that should be finished. While you wait for him at the dinner table, he could already be dining with his lover.

  • Some men admit to telling their wives their co-workers suggested going to the pub to unwind. As a wife, you don’t really want to stop them from having fun, especially when you know too well work has been stressing them out lately. But if you’ve been hearing the same excuse more often, then it’s time to look into it.

  • Going to the gym is a good excuse too, all because it’s a good one. Who does not want their husband to get fit, right? So when he tells you he’s hitting the gym, you just let him be, making it a perfect excuse.

  • Shopping groceries is one too. Husbands often tell their wives it’s time to get some rest, so they’ll take care of the grocery shopping. That sounds really sweet, except he heads somewhere else before he drops by the supermarket.

Lies are everywhere, but there are more of them in a relationship that is failing. Women are easily drawn into believing nothing’s wrong, especially when the husband starts getting more affectionate or becomes a gift giver to destroy suspicious. But do not be blinded by it, brave the heavens and dig into the problem before it becomes too big to handle.