Think You Have a Cheating Girlfriend?
Here Are the Signs to Look Out For

All is fair in love, and that means fair chances of getting cheated on, no matter the gender. Drop the idea that only men cheat, as women too tend to give in to temptations.


Luckily, though, cheating doesn’t come on short notice. There are obvious signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you that you should be aware of.

Clear Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

Girls can be wise cheaters, they know exactly how to hide their shenanigans. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be spotted. Here are some of them.

She looks at her phone longer and more often that she used to

If your girlfriend is suddenly very attached to her devices that she holds it more often than anything (by anything, we mean like a glass of water—or your hand), that must have left you wondering why. Well, you have all the right to question it, especially when she’s with you most of the time but she still has her eyes glued to the phone.

And if your girlfriend is really cheating on you, she would not let you touch her devices. She must have changed the pin codes too without your knowledge. And it’s not your birthday anymore.

She goes out more often, but you’re never invited

Dates with girlfriends are off-limits. Well, that’s understandable. Maybe she just doesn’t want you to feel left out when they’re having one of those girl talks. But if your girl does it more often and all of a sudden, that’s quite suspicious.


Giving each other independence is important in a relationship, but asking for too much independence that your weekend dates just disappeared off the calendar and forever forgotten, maybe you should start gathering the courage to ask her if it’s still you, she wants to be with.

Cuddles and eye contacts are no longer her thing

If she used to be a big cuddler but suddenly ignores you when you initiate a hug or just trying to get closer, she might be trying to tell you that it’s her slowly pulling away from you and your relationship.


Eye contacts are important too. When you used to look into each other’s eyes every time you talk but now she couldn’t stare at you directly and can’t even spare you a glance when she’s trying to answer your questions, that’s a warning sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

She either gets jealous easily or does not get jealous at all

Some of those who cheat behind their man’s back no longer care even when their boyfriend talks about a female colleague, admiring her and praising her work. That’s because she sees it as a good thing, that maybe he will fall in love, they’ll break up, and she’s free to go to her new lover without feeling guilty.


But there are also those who get jealous easily and start suspecting you after a short conversation where you mentioned a woman’s name once. While they don’t want their phone touched, if they think you’re cheating, they want yours checked. They do anything to have you admit you have someone else too.


All boils down to guilt. Accusing you of cheating is their way to ease their own guilty conscience. They want you to be in the wrong too because that will make them think their actions are justified. Everything’s fair.


While none of these signs are enough to confirm your suspicion, the fact that you have doubts, that alone should be more than enough reason for you to open the discussion before it gets crumbling down the more complicated and painful way.