Is Technology Making It Easier for Cheaters in the Digital Age?

As technology advances every year, cheaters are likewise getting more creative in their secretive dalliances. From dating sites for spouses and deleted browser histories to hidden chats and hidden apps, infidelity has now taken various forms and has seemingly become more common in the digital age. We openly hear about it in viral social media posts, threads, and even major news outlets, causing widespread disillusionment and cynicism among today’s generation of lovers.

Is Cheating Easier in the Digital Age?

As of now, there’s no evidence that cheating has increased in the digital age, even with the advent of dating and hookup apps. But it is certain that today you won’t need to wait to be attracted to a new colleague or a new face in the neighborhood. The App Store is filled with thousands of different apps that make cheating instant. Even Messenger has a Secret Conversation option that cheaters love to use.

Cheating in the digital age

In 2019, decades into the digital age, there are now various ways for cheating spouses to conduct affairs, although the old ones haven’t lost currency. Apparently the barrier of anonymity in online communication leads to people becoming intimate more quickly. Freed from the constraints of the real world, people share information they otherwise may not feel comfortable sharing in person. Thanks to technology, 10 percent of affairs now begin online.

“There’s never been another moment in history when we’ve had instant access to anyone who crosses our minds,” says Jaclyn Cravens, PhD, assistant professor of community, family, and addiction services at Texas Tech University, whose research focuses on Facebook infidelity.

The advancement of technology in the digital age also appears to have changed how we perceive infidelity. For example, is a live, in-the-flesh interaction still required, or does a webcam encounter with someone half a world away count equally?

How it’s happening

Nowadays there’s an infinite number of messaging platforms making it possible to connect with a stranger or an old flame in an instant, often anonymously or in secret. Almost all social media apps allow you to search a person and message them immediately, and some of these apps have secret/hidden messaging or autodelete/autodestruct features.

And despite it being almost impossible to have an affair without leaving a trail of incriminating evidences to throw you away, technology later on developed more apps to hide steamy pictures and conversations, protect dating apps with passwords, or even ensure that certain texts and calls never find their way on your phone bill!

Turning the tables

But here’s what’s funny: if technology made it easier to cheat in the digital age, technology also made it somehow easier to catch cheating partners red-handed. David H. Petraeus couldn’t even keep his affair secret, and he’s the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. So how can the average cheater not mess up? In one way or another, pretty much everyone is bound to slip up somewhere. And in this day and age, it’s going to be a technological slipup.

Technology may have made infidelity easier to pull off, but remember, smart gadgets also absorb information and adulterous evidence like a sponge, making it easier to catch a cheating spouse in the digital age as well. For more information about how technology can catch cheating partners, click here.

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