How to Tell If You Have Cheating Boyfriend

When your relationship just started, there are a lot of things your boyfriend does for you, to prove that he loves you. But when that feeling fades and he starts cheating behind your back, there’s a lot that he stops doing too.


While ceasing to do particular things isn’t enough proof that your special someone is hiding something, it’s enough to raise speculations. But what are these things exactly?

He stops saying “I love you”

Does he use to tell you he loves you every time you end a call? Or do you use to wake up to his morning call full ofseet words?


But are all those good memories used-to now?


If your boyfriend is the type that says I love you at least five times a day but suddenly stops saying it altogether, it could either mean two things: he just trusts that you already know it or he’s saying those words to someone else.

He stops giving compliments

Men love giving compliments because they know women love hearing them. From how he often tells you when he calls you in the morning that you look dashing even when you just woke up to how you look gorgeous in your dress every time you go out, men grab every chance they have to throw a compliment.


But when your man just suddenly keeps stops admiring your looks, maybe he’s lost interest and has found someone new.

He just stops being affectionate

A recent study has found that kissing, cuddling, and caressing are more important to men than women. Physical affection is a thing for both sides, but men are revealed to love that more. While men express love the less assertive way, men are the type to initiate sharing activities together.

That is why when your boyfriend just stops being all cuddly, you have a reason to suspect that something’s off.

He stops showing interest in your relationship’s future

A boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not as secure as marriage. Doubts are bound to eat you up. Trust is so hard to gain. But when you both believe that there’s more to what you have than its label, then that’s something.


That’s why most of the time, girls purposely open discussions about marriage, hoping their significant other has thought about it as much as they have. But if your man insists to talk about something else other than that or he refuses to answer when asked about it, then it’s time you open your eyes and mind about the possibility of him cheating.


None of these indications are a sure warning sign that you have a cheating boyfriend. People are different, after all. What one cheating boyfriend does might just be a sudden and completely arbitrary change for another, but it pays to consider the possibilities and dig deeper into things.