Cheating and Infidelity Videos

Lying In A Relationship – How To Catch A Cheater

Use your own composure to get the truth. What to do when your partner is not telling you the truth. Know the ways on how to catch a cheater.

25 Scientific Facts About Cheating & Why People Cheat

What are points that lead a person into cheating. Science has found common trends that will help you find out  the tendency of your partner to cheat.

8 Signs You Are Being Cheated On

1 out of 5 adults has cheated on their partner. Figure out why you feel this way, and communicate your concerns to your partner.  Regardless, there isn’t anything you can’t handle.

12 Most Common Traits of Cheaters!

What are the common traits cheaters have? Learn these to find out if you are with a partner who  might cheat.

Why Women Cheat

The less happy the woman in the relationship, the more likely she will cheat while men will cheat no matter how happy they are with their current partner.

How To Tell If Someone Is Cheating On You

Spotting a cheater is not easy. In a relationship full of lies and suspicions, how can you tell if your partner is being faithful?  Knowing the sure signs will help you reveal the betrayal.

Why Men Cheat On Women They Love

Knowing which of the genders cheat more often is tough. However, here are the reasons why men cheat.

What Infidelity Means

Infidelity, commonly known as the greatest tragedy that could befall any relationship – is always the prelude to the break-up of a relationship. Knowing what infidelity means and how to avoid it will help make your relationship lasts.