5 Things Cheaters Say When They’re Being Confronted

The moment you feel like your partner is cheating on you, you have all the right to dig deeper into things. After all, what’s being tested here is a bond you’ve been hoping all your life to last till death do you part. To investigate further takes a lot of courage. Sometimes, it does not make sense to you that you are the victim but you have to be the one to gather pieces of evidence to catch a cheating partner.

Yet somehow it is way too easy for the cheating partner to deny all these allegations. They throw excuses like they’re just throwing pillows during a late-night pillow fight. For the one in the wrong, lies are the best weapon. But according to experts, as ironic as it sounds, these excuses might just be the confirmation you’ve been wanting to hear.

Most Common Things Cheaters Say When They’ve Been Caught

Here are five of the most common things cheaters say when they’re asked about their new lover—that might just confirm they are actually cheating behind your back.

1. “We’re just friends.”

This is their go-to-excuse: nothing’s going on between us, we’re just good friends.

Of course, they’re gonna deny it. This excuse is most often used by those who cheat on you with someone they work with or belong to the same circle. Meaning, it’s someone you’ve probably met before. So when you ask them about it, they can easily tell you they’re just good friends, that you know how close they are.

But never believe it. If they’re just friends, constant exchange during their days off and conversations that are non-work-related are rather suspicious. Sometimes, they even guard their phone like they keep all their secrets there, they set a password you could not figure out, and often move away from you when they have to reply to their messages. Now is that really something they have to do if they’re just chatting with a close friend?

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2. “It wasn’t me.”

Another one of the obvious signs of cheating and probably the one they believe is the most effective. For the victim, this sounds relieving, to have the truth you dread be disproved makes you think that maybe everything is fine and you have nothing to worry about. But this is exactly what makes “It wasn’t me” something you should never fall for easily.

3. “You’re out of your mind.”

They’re good at turning tables. They find a way to make it look like you’re the one making things up and going delusional. Sometimes this is one of the excuses cheaters say after they try to establish the fact that they’re just being good friends with their lover, often saying how dare you for questioning their relationship when you’ve always known they often hang out together.

Do not let this response break you down. It often comes out too strong that the victim just forgets to go on with the confrontation and run away. But you’re talking to your partner to know exactly what’s happening, so present more evidence until you are able to get the truth out of them.

4. “It was just one night.”

Some people just want to have a good time, which often translates to a drinking session turned great makeout session. The next day, you see a lip mark or smell a different type of perfume. The evidence is there, so more often, they don’t even try to deny it. But they tell you, “It just happened once, and it will never happen again.” But think about it, the fact alone that for a few minutes, they let themselves have a good time with someone else is something. Well, for some it’s forgivable. Depends on how much you can tolerate, really.

5. “It’s over.”

Believing it makes the victim stop asking questions and digging deeper into the affair, cheaters would tell you it happened in the past and that it’s long over. It could be true, but just because it’s over, does that really make it okay? You decide.

When you get into a relationship, you want it to last forever. But mistakes are bound to happen, mistakes you never thought they’d do, mistakes that can easily ruin everything you’ve built. When this happens, you have to remember that you should not let yourself suffer from cheating and infidelity just because you have imagined a future with that person and you don’t want the rest of your life to go any other way.

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