3 Signs Your Wife Could Be
Cheating Behind Your Back

Studies have it that in more than 30 percent of marriages, either the husband or wife or both have done acts of unfaithfulness. People would think that it would mostly be the men who will give in to temptations, but little do we know, or probably one we refuse to accept, is that there is a considerable number of women who have cheated on their husbands.


According to a report released by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 14 percent of women admit to cheating on their spouse. It’s either because their marriage has become sexless that they have to seek someone else to meet that need, or that there has been lack of communication and they need someone they can receive emotional support from.


The reasons vary, but the signs your wife could be cheating on you are the same. Here are some of them.


  • Unfaithful
  • Faithful

3 Warning Signs Your Wife Could Be Cheating

1. She pays more attention to her appearance than usual


Has your wife been spending more time in the morning preparing herself? If your wife isn’t really the type to dress elegantly for work but suddenly feels the need to leave the house in a dress, chances are, she has an affair. Maybe she’s trying to dress to impress someone at work, or a man she usually meets at a cafe nearby. Not every physical changes in your partner is enough reason to suspect, but if the change is out of the blue and very noticeable, then you might want to start asking questions.

2. She goes out more frequently

She always says she has a gathering to attend. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being too social, but you can’t ignore the fact that night-outs are a good opportunity to cheat. One obvious sign is that these meetups are often “guys only,” meaning there’s literally no room for you. Sometimes, she will suggest you go to one too to ease the guilt.

3. She password-protects everything


One of the signs your wife could be cheating is that they’re always on the phone, and when you attempt to take a look at it, they freak out. To save themselves, they set a password for it. They could even lock every app on the phone just to be safe. They change their passwords too without you knowing. When you ask for the password, she will demand privacy. She will end up ranting about you intruding her life and tell you that when you got married, privacy was not one of the things she was obliged to give up.


There are a lot more other signs your wife could be cheating behind your back. If you notice even one of these, do not hesitate to delve into it before inviting her to a one-on-one talk. Dealing with the problem head-on is better than letting yourself be blinded by your want to keep things just as they are.