Signs Your Husband or Wife Might Be Cheating

Relationship is like a complex maze. And for every couple, they see marriage as the endpoint of it. Walking down the aisle means getting through every obstacle and finally reaching the end of it. Little do they know, marriage itself is another rough terrain every pair has to walk. Married people are faced with challenges, one of them is infidelity.


Infidelity is a dreaded yet common occurrence in marriages. Even after exchanging vows in front of the people you treasure the most, the tendency to give in to temptations is still there. Cheating isn’t always how marriages end, it does not always lead to a sad ending. What’s for sure, though, is that the there is a reason why someone ended up cheating behind their spouse’s back.


Neglect and unappreciation, the lack of communication, or a lost love—all these could drive someone to cheat. But just like any relationship issue, there is a proper way of dealing with the issue of infidelity. And that is to talk about it.


Talking about where and how things go wrong will help you both understand the problem. But before you do, you should make sure that there actually is a problem. Yes, if your spouse is cheating, you’ll get that gut feeling that something’s off. But those feelings aren’t enough.

Signs Your Spouse Could Be Cheating

Here are some of the warning signs your spouse is cheating that you should look out for.

1. Less intimacy

Has your relationship gone sexless? Is your spouse less affectionate toward you now? Are the I love yous getting rarer now? Then you should start looking into things, because the reason your husband or wife is getting less interested in sex could be due to the fact that they’re getting enough of it with someone else. Or they’re getting less interested in you in general because their eyes are on someone new.

2. Spending longer hours at work

Not all affairs begin at work, but for those that involve a married and working person, it’s where most of them do. And in their want to spend more time with their lover, they tell their spouse excuses like unfinished tasks or emergency meetings just to spend more time at the office. The workplace is where you’d least expect them to behave improperly, making sudden work pattern changes one of the surefire signs your spouse is cheating.

3. Not wearing the wedding ring

What other way to deceive people but to take off any piece of evidence that will ruin the lies you’ve prepared? A married person who wants to constantly see someone they’ve grown interested in often lies to that person too that they are tied to someone else. A ring will give it all away, so they often remove it.

Another thing, the ring is a symbol of love and commitment to their spouse, but it’s something they refuse to get reminded of when they’re with their newfound love, so why would they wear it?

The end of the aisle isn’t the finish line. Couples face more challenges than when they get wed more than when they were just each other’s special someone. Talking things through helps, but before striking a conversation, make sure you’re looking at the right signs. You don’t want to create a problem when it was nonexistent by making false claims.