Obvious Signs Your Husband Is
Cheating That You Often Ignore

Has your husband been returning home late? Has it only been a month yet he’s already gone on two week-long business trips? Or is he forgetting important dates like your own wedding anniversary?

You try to take your mind off it but you could think of is the possibility of him cheating behind your back. It’s not wrong to think that way, your suspicions alone are enough reason for you to start “investigating.” Before you start digging, though, you need to know what you are actually looking for.

Know the signs. Cheating is just a play of lies, but no matter how good a liar your husband is, if there’s something out of ordinary, you will notice it.

Signs Your Husband Is Cheating Behind Your Back

He goes home late and he keeps his phone locked—these are just some of the warning signs that your beloved husband might actually be seeing someone else. Below are some more.

1. He goes on business trips all the time

Does he go on business trips more often than usual? Then maybe he’s there for a different kind of business. For those whose job requires them to travel often, it is the perfect excuse to use. Away from home and away from your prying eyes, it’s the perfect opportunity. Sometimes, he won’t even let you drive him to the airport.

2. You pick up physical pieces of evidence

Lipstick smudge on his shirt? Or do his clothes give off a different scent, nothing like his perfume or yours? It could be that he received a hug from a female co-worker for a job well done, or he met a friend from the past while buying coffee, and the scent stayed. That’s possible. Either way, you should start looking into it closer because it could also be he was being intimate with his mistress that he didn’t notice he took the smell of her perfume home too.

3. He loses track of important dates

Imagine preparing an anniversary gift for your husband only to listen to him repeatedly ask what it is for when you hand it to him. It’s understandable to forget days like the anniversary of your first date or the day you first met, but a wedding anniversary is a day that should be remembered. Does he also forget important dates like a gathering at school he should attend or a Sunday picnic you’ve been planning to have? One of the signs your husband is cheating is he’s spending too much time with his lover that he’s lost time and interest in family events.

Less interest in family and social gatherings, lack of communication, less intimacy, and the want to be away from home as much as possible are just some of the signs your husband is cheating on you. While it could mean your marriage is at risk, it pays to face the problem. Running away from it will do you no good. Know the signs, gather pieces of evidence, and talk your husband. However you wish to confront him about it, always remember to do it with respect.