The Types of Couples You Will Meet Throughout Your Lifetime

We come across a lot of couples in our life. We live with some of them. Some we bump into at school. Others we see on TV, and some we spot at the mall or at the park. At times, we even get envious because they look too cute together we wish we were cuddling with someone at that very second too.

Life, they say, is all about finding the person you’re going to spend the decades ahead of you with. If you have not, well, it won’t be too long before your own love story begins. For now, let’s just take a look into the different types of couples you’ve probably met or are just about to meet.

13 Types of Couples You Will Have to Deal With in Your Life

No relationship is perfect, after all, it’s made up of two imperfect people. Every relationship goes through hellish times, but with mutual understanding and equal love for each other, things work out in the end. Not every couple might not have picture-perfect times together, but they are all unique and beautiful in their own right.

Here are the thirteen types of couples we will get to meet at some point.

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1. The quintessential couple

This couple is often described as the ultimate relationship goals. Both have stable jobs, have beautiful kids, live in a huge house, own at least five cars, and have been together for quite a long time. Whatever is thrown their way, they work together to overcome it and remain as loving and respectful toward each other as they were the first time they met.

2. The age-gap couple

Often mistaken for mother and son or father and daughter, the age-gap couple is almost always met with prying eyes because of their obviously wide age difference. Despite that, though, people in this kind of relationship say it pays to be with someone way older because their partner tends to know the world better, which means they can handle situations easier.

3. The over-possessive couple

Either one is controlling or both of them are. It doesn’t matter. The over-possessive pairs are one of those types of couples who probably live through more bad days than most of us. They get too suspicious of each other and think they see some signs that their partner is lying. Their partner misses a call and they will automatically think they went to hang out with someone. One small mistake and they go all detective trying to find out what their boyfriend or girlfriend is up to.

This relationship can get toxic, so if you think you’re with an over-possessive partner, you might want to consider severing the ties.

4. The complete opposite couple

This is probably one of the weirdest types of couples you will ever meet. One talks a lot, while the other finds comfort in being left alone in the corner. One prefers a huge crowd, while the other would rather stay home than to spend even thirty minutes brushing against strangers on a busy street. Basically, they’re protons and electrons in human form, but as crazy as it sounds, it’s these difference that draw them to each other and keep them together.

5. The arguing couple

They always disagree (and that’s pretty much all you need to know about this type of couple). You see them laughing together one second and yelling the next. For some reason, they just can’t seem to agree on things. It gets worse sometimes because they are not even talking, yet they still end up arguing.

6. The PDA couple

There’s public display of affection and then there’s too much public display of affection. Getting all sweet with each other is not bad. According to psychologist Dr. Cooper Lawrence, it’s normal and actually important. He said, “If you’re in the honeymoon phase of a brand new relationship and you just can’t get enough of each other, it’s normal to be overly affectionate in public. Later on, some couples even use PDA as part of sexual foreplay. This technique is good to recharge a lagging sex life.”

But sometimes, it gets too much. There are those who get too affectionate with each other that they forget they’re at the post office and not in their bedroom. This is one of those types of couples that are only aesthetically pleasing on the big screen.

7. The social media couple

The social media couple is called so because they basically document their love story online. They share photos of their dates and Instagram-story each other’s moves. Some couples of this type have separate accounts but have a conjugal one where they post more photos of them enjoying a meal together.

A great deal of their lives is out in public, but still, they keep a part of it to themselves. As to whether what happens offline is as lovely, we can never tell.

8. The tell-all couple

This couple’s life is an open book, even when nobody wants to read the chapters. They tell everything to their friends, what they did over the weekend or what their plans are for the next two months. They do most of the talking in the circle, and if somehow, you find yourself listening to them, you will probably be rolling your eyes as they babble about their life together. Their stories are fun, though.

9. The one-sided couple

Another interesting bit on this lsit of types of couples is the one-sided kind. It basically means the other is madly in love, while the other cannot love the person as much. This is the type of couple where you see the other buying roses, balloons, and everything nice only to receive a thank you in return.

10. The on-and-off couple

This couple has mastered the ways to rebuild trust in the relationship; the only problem is, they end up using it too often. One day they’re all over each other and then posting hate messages the next. This type of couple is like a broken mixtape, repeating a horrible song over and over again.

11. The long-distance couple

Is your friend the type to always bring their phone with them wherever they go? Do they have their batteries always fully charged because they’re afraid they’ll miss a call from someone? If yes, then they’re probably in a long-distance relationship.

These couples are the real MVP. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say. But in reality, being miles apart doesn’t always help. Couples of this kind have endured more than any other pair has. They try to stay close, hoping they will be together again, and you know, that’s beautiful.

12. The hobbyist couple

People in this type of relationship always get an adrenaline rush. Adrenal fatigue? That’s not on their vocabulary. They’re into camping and rock climbing and a whole lot of other things that most of us will find exhausting. There’s never a dull moment with this type of couple.

13. The party couple

This couple attends a lot of parties and often goes home drunk. They wake up hungover, but that’s not a reason to hate life because for them, life is a party. They’re one of the types of couples you see at Tomorrowland dancing to electronic music like it’s what keeps them alive. The party freaks, safe to say.

Sometimes, life is like this one romance movie that follows the story of a number of couples. While they differ in a lot of ways, they make you realize that there is someone out there for you. They’re the living testament to the fact that love has many faces and they’re all beautiful.

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